Tomakin Twist Tops Bowls Report

There were 33 Twisties on the green last Sunday on a very showery morning, but all managed to finish 18 ends before we got too wet to continue. Barrie mentioned that John S had sent a message that he and Karen were still stuck in Queensland and would be home when lockdown had finished. Winners with Most Winning Ends +12, David Daverin and Karen James. Runners-up, Ruth Ebsworth and Smiley McGregor, both on a countback. Karen selected Rink 6 for Jackpot, Fin cut the cards but no luck, Ace of Hearts. Other winning teams, Rob Handley and Bob Starkovski. Tim Brown and Peter Crumpton. Tricia Wheeler and Fin Everding. Madge Elliott and Robyn Best. Ute Krook and Dick Morley had a Draw of 18 ends each with Jane Ryland and Mary Handley. Breakfast tray winners on 20 Moby, 26, Trish the Dish. Everyone welcome to Sunday Twist Tops, come along and bowl to great music

Above: Tomakin Twist Tops , Winners, David Daverin and Karen James

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png