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Tomakin Twist Tops Bowls Report

Another beautiful Sunday morning on the green for 30 Twisties. President Steven Hogan welcomed everyone, especially to Ingrid "Shorty" Blasius so nice to have her back bowling with us all. A special welcome to visitors, Peter "Blue" Caldwell, Tony and Sam Reid, bowling with Brett Megee. Winners were those with Lowest Losing Margin - 3, Sam Reid and Brett Megee. Runners-up, -3 on a countback, Tricia Wheeler, Ute Krook and Karen James. Rink 13 was selected to try for Jackpot, winning Skip Tony " Bung" Birmingham cut the cards but unable to locate the Joker!! better luck next time Tony. Other winning teams, Bob Starkovski, Peter Crumpton and Smiley McGregor. John Signor and Brian Wheeler. Tony Reid and Peter Caldwell. Jennie Hogan and Tony Birmingham. Peter Crowe and Karen Signor. Ross Miller and Milka Starkovski. Ingrid Blasius and Patrick Wheelahan, well done to all teams. Lucky number winners on 10, Ruth 'R&R' Ebsworth, 26, Trish the Dish Wheeler. Don't forget Barbecue breakfast this Sunday 23rd to celebrate Australia Day. Thank you to all who supported Twist Tops Raffle of two fantastic meat trays, this helps with finance for trips away, Christmas party and barbecue breakfasts during the year. Winners were Annie Birmingham and Peter Crumpton.

Winners- Sam Reid and Brett Megee