Tomakin Twist Tops Bowls Report

On Sunday morning Vice-President Terry Montgomerie welcomed everyone. There were 28 Twisties bowling on 7 Rinks in a Two-Four-Two format, the sun was shining but there was a very cold wind blowing to keep us all on our toes. Winners with Most Winning Ends +13, Roz Greenhalgh and Michael Voce. Runners-up +12 , Bob and Milka Starkovski. Michael selected Rink13 to try for Jackpot, winning Skip Tony Dobson cut the cards but couldn't find the Joker , he came up with 8 of Clubs. Other winning teams, Jane Rylands and Phil Rollinson. Roland Krikowa and Ross Miller had a Draw with Tricia Wheeler and Patrick Wheelahan. Tim Brown and Ingred Blasius. Madge Elliott and Tony Dobson.Laurie Masterson ,Barrie Stone and Tony Birmingham playing a half game each. Breakfast tray winners, 29, Phil Rollinson, 26, Tricia Wheeler. All thinkingof Margaret Carney, hoping she will get well soon. Sincere condolences to the Family of John and Catherine Booth, another life taken far too young, our Blessings to you all at this sad time.

Tomakin Twist Tops - Winners, Roz Greehalgh and Michael Voce

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