Tilba Cheddar and seaweed strikes GOLD

Tilba Real Dairy posts:

Gold for our MBK Vintage Cheddar!! "2 years ago we invited Lee-Anne Eddie to collaborate with us and develop a cheddar incorporating her Mystery Bay Kelp. "The result was a vintage cheddar that has it's own unique flavour of the sea and has gained popularity very quickly. Our recent entry in the NSW Dairy Industry Association Awards proved it's worth with a Gold win to which we are all very proud. Congratulations Lee-Anne. Her connection to Tilba Real Dairy runs back in history to when her Great Great Grandfather used to deliver milk to the ABC Cheese Factory. 'I wonder what he would think now of my seaweed and TRD's Cheddar being a gold winning collaboration!' said Leanne.

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png