Through the window and a talk about portrait photography

The Eurobodalla Photographic Club had their second meeting on Tuesday 23rd February. As per usual we had our photo competition with the set topic of “Through the Window”. To the members delight, it was the first time since the start of Covid-19 last year we had an in-house judge. The judge was local, professional and award winning engineering and corporate photographer Gilianne Tedder. Gilianne is a valued judge and speaker of the club. Gilianne delivered a great critiquing of the projected images with good feedback to the members of what they had done right and what could be improved.

After the judging, Gilianne spoke about how to take portraits which will help the club as it starts on the project towards which it was awarded a Healthy Communities and Recovery grant from Eurobodalla Council end of last year.

The club will stage a portrait exhibition towards the end of 2021, showcasing some of our regions dedicated volunteers.

The exercise will cover workshops, tutorials and photo shoots to provide our members with the necessary skills in portrait photography and the presentation of fine art prints.

Gilianne offered some valuable advice and tips to the club members on how to take a good portrait which will help the members when it come to the practical exercise of photographing the chosen community volunteers.

This month’s winners of the photographic competition are:

Gold colour: Daniel Bateman with “Gloomy Day”

Brian Gunter with “Kanyaka Garden” (also Image of the Night)

Dave Kemp with “KFC”

Silver colour: Colin Pass with “A room with a view”

Yvonne Matthews with “Hampton Court Palace, England”

Ric Bannister with “Milparinca Ruins”

Shirley Gunter with “Snowy View”

Beth Westra with “View from Boyd’s Tower”

Mono Gold: Daniel Bateman with “Deep In Thought”

Mick Newnham with “Raleigh Sports”

Mono Silver: Jeanette Robben with “Singapore from a glasshouse”

Yvonne Matthews with “Shop Keeper Akyaka Turkey”

Congratulations to all the winners.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 23 March 2021 at Tomakin Hall. Visiting judge and speaker will be Len Glasser, a local but international videographer who has supported our club for many years as guest speaker and judge.

Visitors are welcome.

You can contact the club by email , visit our website at or our Facebook page

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