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Those Sydney people down the street might have a good reason to be there ; or not

The Beagle Editor, The ACT Government has advised its residents , who have low or zero Covid numbers not to visit the south coast. The NSW Government finds no problem with Sydney people utilising their holiday homes on the south coast. One house ,up the road had visitors from Sydney who were assisting the owners with “essential maintenance”. Are both governments receiving the best advice from health experts? Mr Constance, where are you? Given the visitors from Sydney, to our region, the ACT Government has probably got it right, our regional infection numbers will not stay low or zero for long. Owen Cartledge *********************************** Can you move house during Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane Lockdowns? Yes. Although there have been recent changes to border controls, Removalists are considered an 'essential service' under freight & logistics definitions by each State Government and are able to move your goods. You are allowed to leave your house for the reason to "move house or between your residences"

The following are responses from NSW Services / COVID-19 Hotline in relation to the following questions and answers and as listed on their website: Q: Can people move house (for legitimate purposes - end of lease / emergency / settlement) in NSW? A: Yes - they must have official residence information on them (this is to show any authorities who may ask why they have left their house) Q: What about people in Canterbury-Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool, Blacktown, Cumberland, Parramatta, Campbelltown and Georges River (Restricted) areas A: Yes - they can move either in, out or within any region Q: Can Removalists help me to move? A: Yes but with conditions: Any removalist worker who usually resides IN the restricted area - they are only allowed to help within Removalist Jobs within their local government area. They are not allowed to leave that area to help with jobs that would see them leave the area. Any removalist workers who reside OUTSIDE of the restricted area can help with any relevant job moving in or out or within the Greater Sydney Region. Q: Can Removalists outside of the restricted area help move people in or out of the restricted area A: Yes - as long as the removalist worker resides out of that area - they can leave the house to go to work which may involve going into and then back out of those restricted regions (following any relevant Covid Protocols on NSW gov website)