The Video Ref gives Yellow Card to Mayor for a voting shoulder charge

While rushing through the Council agenda item on Water and Sewer dividends the Mayor hurriedly pushed her councillors to cast their vote, failing to see that Councillor McGinlay wanted to speak to it. If you watch the replay you will see that Councillor McGinlay clearly had his hand on the microphone before the Mayor called for a vote.

Image sourced form Eurobodalla Council archives published here under fair dealing for the purpose of news. Rather than 'moving foward' with the call for a vote having failed to see Councillor McGinlay's microphone light on to speak to an issue the Mayor said "you're going to have to be faster".

Refusing to allow the Councillor to speak and progressing with the vote she then consulted with the General Manager, to then turn back and address the Councillors saying "I will remind Councillors that ultimately the decision is that of the Chair". So why was the Mayor so keen to close down Councillor McGinlay and not use her ULTIMATE POWERS for good and avail openness, transparency and democracy to the council chamber. The time was 11:55am, the item was well down the list and there was no deadline that required such a rush. There is little doubt that Councillor McGinlay had something to say on the issue judging by the papers he had at hand. So why would the Mayor want to hurry through an item as innocent as the Dividends from Water and Sewer Funds The answer might lie HERE