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The road ahead begins with the first prick

Image: ABC News Prime Minister Scott Morrison joined ten others today (Feb 21st 2021) to be the first in the Australia to receive their jabs saying: "I call on my fellow Australians, and I have, by my own example today, joined by the Chief Nurse of Midwifery and the Chief Medical Officer of our country, together with those Australians who are in the top priority of this vaccination program, to say to you Australians, it's safe, it's important. "Join us on this Australian path that sees us come out of the COVID-19 pandemic." Meanwhile across The Ditch the New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern pledged the first tranche of vaccinations will go "to the most at risk", which she said does not include herself.

"I will absolutely be vaccinated, my family members will be vaccinated. But right now I'm not the first order of priority. I don't have day to day contact with people who may have COVID-19. It is our cleaners. It is our security guards. It is our nurses who do the testing at our managed isolation facilities. They need to be first in line."