The Final Council meeting - who will chair and where will it be

Though the final Council meeting for the current term of Council advises the public that it will be held at 11am in the Council Chambers at Moruya there is speculation that the final meeting will be on Zoom. It is known that at least one Councillor is unable to attend the Council building due to rules that requires only those vaccinated, masked and QR Code signed in to enter the premises. One of our councillors was turned away from a Bermagui Liberal Party meeting on the weekend for not meeting vaccination requirements. While the published agenda advises the public that the meeting will be held in Council Chambers this clear direction is confused by the statement on their website that "For now, Council meetings are being held on video chat software and webcast online". The Office of Local Government rules state:

The Beagle has sought clarity from Council as to whether the final Ordinary meeting of Council will be Zoomed or held in Chambers. In the case where it is to be Zoomed rather than in open chambers the Beagle has asked the General Manager to explain why such a decision has been made given that Council has excellent Covid protocols that have been used in the past to ensure the safety of our more fragile, aged, and immuno-compromised councillors. The Beagle wrote: General Manager and Councillors,

As you are fully aware:

In line with the roadmap, it is a condition of entry to Council buildings and facilities that people are vaccinated, wear a mask and check-in using the Service NSW QR code.

Council's website currently (October 23rd 2021) states:

For now, Council meetings are being held on video chat software and webcast online.

The next Council meeting is to be held on 26 October 2021. Given that Council has a COVID-19 Safety Plan (as has been openly on display during past Public Forum and Council meetings, and given that all staff attending and the fact (as per your own website, that it is a condition of entry to Council buildings and facilities that people are vaccinated, wear a mask and check-in using the Service NSW QR code) can you please advise of any reason that the October 26th 2021 Public Forum and Council meeting can not be held in Council chambers. If the case is that one or more Councillors have not been vaccinated can you please advise (and confirm) that this is the justification. No names are required so there can be no breach of confidential personal medical history. It is understood that there may be one or more councillors who are unable to attend the chamber due to their vaccination status. It is not known if they hold an exemption certificate. It would be unfortunate for the public and for fellow councillors to be unnecessarily constrained from attending Council chambers for the next meeting due to the vaccination status of one or two individuals. The community needs to know, and be informed of the processes for the next (and last) Ordinary meeting of this term of Council. I would appreciate your response by 9:15am Monday 25th so that I might then advise The Beagle readers. General Manager, I look forward to a prompt response. regards lei There has been no response. Speculation has it that the final meeting and Public Forum session will be Zoomed in order to allow the Mayor an opportunity to chair both. (UPDATE 12:10pm Monday 25th : It has been confirmed the Public Forum is to be Zoomed) While she has been visibly absent for several months from attendances to many staff briefings, far too many Council meetings and more than any one might deem acceptable Public Forum and Public Access presentations many believe that the final meeting of the Innes term should be chaired by her. Given the uncertain status of hers, and others, vaccinations we can only assume that we will see Deputy Pollock in the chair for Public Forum and hope that the Mayor has the decency to Chair, via Zoom, the final session of her rein. On the agenda for Tuesday's meeting QON21/009 Development adjoining land west of Turnbulls Lane, Moruya QON21/010 Dalmeny Land Release Area GMR21/056 Investments made as at 30 September 2021 GMR21/057 Quarterly Budget Review for period ending 30 September 2021 GMR21/058 Code of Conduct Complaints Statistics GMR21/059 Rebuilding State Emergency Services (SES) Building - Batemans Bay GMR21/060 2021 Education and School Grants GMR21/061 Recognition of Service PSR21/050 Mogo Village Place Activation Plan PSR21/051 Draft Coastal Management Program for Moruya River, Mummaga Lake and Wagonga Inlet PSR21/052 2020-21 Emissions Reduction Plan and Sustainability Progress Report. PSR21/053 Proposed Sale of Operational Land - Hawdon & Murray Streets, Moruya PSR21/054 Proposed Road Closure - part Bent Street, Batemans Bay PSR21/055 Licence Renewal for Radio Antenna - North Narooma Reservoir ......69 PSR21/056 Easement for Right of Access - Maloneys Beach ................................72 PSR21/057 Dalmeny Land Release Area................................................................76 PSR21/058 Request for Tender - Waste Services Collection Contract 2122 - 010 and Litter Bin Collection Contract 2122-011......82 12. INFRASTRUCTURE REPORTS IR21/030 Fixing Local Roads Round 3 - Araluen Road Upgrade Projects - Acceptance of Funding IR21/031 Funding Offer - 2021-22 NSW Rural Fire Fighting Fund Allocations IR21/032 Expression of Interest for Tendering Panel - 2122-008 Eurobodalla Dam Construction IR21/033 Request for Tender No. 2021/ISD100 Cleaning of Public Facilities (toilets) IR21/034 Request for Tender No. NDR21-019 Araluen Road - Cantilever Wall and Soil Nail Construction IR21/035 Request for Tender No. NDR21-018 Araluen Road - Gravity Wall Construction IR21/036 Local Traffic Committee No 3 for 2021-22 CAR21/022 Employment Projects funding offer CAR21/023 Acceptance of Disability Support for Older Australians (DSOA) Funding Extension Irrespective as to where the meeting is held you will still be able to watch it live streamed HERE

Above: Will the Mayor make a show to her last hurrah?

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