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The BBay Bridge didn't always have to go up for the ferry

The Beagle Editor,

Perhaps the full story needs to be told about the Batemans Bay bridge, that includes the annual maintenance register for around the last 30 years and how often the bridge was raised over that period for the local ferry use on a daily basis. The opening of the bridge for the ferry to pass under was being abused as records can show. The main culprit in the early days was the Clyde Princess operator who, by folding down a sun shade, went under the Nelligen Bridge. Vehicle Load weights have not yet prohibited heavy loads passing over the present bridge at Batemans Bay. The attitude of the Local member about the bridge needs to be properly investigated going back over the last 15 or so years .

It is true the new bridge could have better located. One of the influences in relation to the present location is very likely a local engineer who was concerned if a new site and highway corridor was developed, the council would become responsible for maintenance of the old public assets.  Join  the dots. The ICAC should be involved.    Allan Brown Catalina

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