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Tackle World Moruya June 17th 2022

Moruya River.

Moruya tailor continue to deplete local anglers tackle supply in the river this week. Reports of salmon, tailor and good sized trevally continue to dominate the feedback I’ve been getting this week. The town bridge has been holding good numbers of tailor the odd salmon and good trevally this week. In particular after dark on a rising tide. Mixed in amongst them have been a few good flathead and the odd bream also. The system is really looking good at the moment, with clean clear water and active fish to boot, all the way from the mouth around Preddy’s wharf and the airport flats all the way up past the big bend at Yarragee there have been fish to be had.

Options abound for local and visiting anglers this weekend.

My pick would be under the town bridge tonight or tomorrow night for a few good tailor or gravelly after dark. Small metals for the tailor would be the best bet, while the trevally and flathead will be quite happy to tack a small soft plastic or live nipper.

Tuross river.

As is the case with Moruya river, Tuross is fishing equally as well with the entire length of the system in prime clean clear condition!! As the water temps starts to drop, the water clarity will become gin clear having the affect of making fish more wary. Fish the deeper holes that will provide more cover, to find a few fish.

Good reports of flathead, bream, trevally tailor and the odd salmon all are making their way into the store. So if you are planning to wet a line this weekend, find a likely spot and have a go.

The only downside of a system in full swing, is that the fish can be spread out, making finding them a little more tricky. Explore a few areas till you find fish, or bring them to you with the use of a little burley.

Rock and beach.

With the swells continuing to sit around 1.5-2m fishing the rock patrons is probably till not the best option this weekend. Particularly after one angler deemed the risk of fishing Pretty point in 4m swells last weekend worth it, and went for a swim after being washed from the popular platform. This put marine rescue at risk as they had to retrieve the now very wet angler. No trip down the coast is worth ending up dead for. If conditions are not good, find another option!!

The beaches continue to hold good numbers of tailor, salmon and bream this week. Moruya breakwall has been fishing well, with reports of a few kings just inside the spur wall chasing mullet just inside the river mouth.


With a SSE swell forecast this weekend, getting out through the Moruya bar will be a bit easier this weekend. Reports from the game crews out of Batemans bay have a few nice tuna hitting the decks for those getting out. Looks for the temperature breaks to find the bait, and in turn the feeding tuna.

Snapper and flathead also continue to fill boat crews fish holds this week, with the odd gummy shark also popping up. Try in the magic 30-40m mark as a starting point and work from there.

We are having our Shimano Super Saturday sale again tomorrow. One day only, with plenty of deals on Shimano gear in store. If you want to know what will be on sale, you will have to come in store to check it out. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!!

We are still looking for someone to join the Tackle World Moruya family. We are primarily looking for someone who is able to work weekends unsupervised, this will suit someone with a bit of experience under their belt. If you think this would suit you or someone you know, please feel free to get in contact with us to discuss the position.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “everyday’s a good day for fishing…”

Team Tackle World Moruya.