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Tackle World Moruya Fishing report July 30th 2021

Moruya River. Brrrrrrrrr, that was a chilly start to the morning today! With no winds, and a high pressure system over the top of us right now, we had a very good frost this morning!! The plus side, the days this weekend look to be good, with day time temps around the 20 degree mark. The water temps in the river have dropped, this has caused the fish to go quiet. They are however running clean and clear for a nice change. There have been reports of some good estuary perch getting around this last week though. Try the holes up around Yarragee, in front of the hospital, and even the weedbeds on the southern side of the river under the town bridge. Small soft plastics, like Daiwa Bait Junkie 2.5” grubs or a similar sized Zman grubs on lightly weighted jig heads for a slow fall presentation can be deadly on these schooling fish. Towards the front of the system, salmon, trevally and bream can still be found in and around the deeper holes. Quarry and Preddy’s wharves will both hold fish, as will the airport flats. Get out and enjoy, what should be a good weekend weather wise.

Tuross River. Look for similar spots in Tuross, as Moruya for the fish to be holding. The deeper holes are offering the best chance at finding a fish this weekend. The boat shed holes, front of four ways, and even the holes around the Bodalla bridge. You should be able to find a bream, flathead or Estaury perch in some of these deeper holes. Towards the front of the system, there is also the chance that the odd mulloway may be sitting under bait schools if they are around. The water in here is also running clean and clear for the most part, which can make the the fish spooky. Longer lengths of fluorocarbon leader material can be required to get the fish to bite, as can dropping down the line weight to make it harder for the fish to sense/see.

Rock and Beach. The salmon have been a little on the quiet side this week, with reports taking a down wards trend. The westerlies and the resulting flatter seas, may have had something to do with this. Those that are willing to persist will no doubt find a fish or two. The flatter sea conditions do make for safer and more enjoyable sessions off of the local rock platforms. So this weekend could be a good time to get out and have a look.

Offshore. The reports coming in from the offshore crews, have been few and far between. I can’t say with any certainty what is bitting offshore this weekend. If you are going out this weekend, stop in and let us know how you went. We look forward to hearing how you went.

Enjoy the flatter sea conditions this weekend, and we hope you can get onto a fish or three this weekend.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “every days a good day for fishing…”

Team Tackle World Moruya.