Tackle World Moruya Fishing Report April 9th 2021

Moruya River.

Moruya is showing positive signs with some good fish caught this week. Again the majority of the action has been around the lower sections of Preddy’s wharf and the airport areas, but it has been very encouraging.

Only lucky angler managed several VERY nice trevally to around 50cm in the vicinity of hole in the wall. At 50cm, these are very good trevally and put up a great fight. The back of the hole in the wall has also provided good action for those with small tinnies and kayaks, with a few nice bream and flathead coming boat side.

Over the northern side around the airport, good flathead have been reported, as well as a few nice bream.

Further upstream has been a little quiet with the water still running very fresh.

In general the river has been fishing better on the rising tide towards the bottom end of the system. Both baits and lures have produced fish, so your options are starting to open up.

Tuross river.

The bottom sections of Tuross continue to provide holidaying anglers with the most chance of success this week. The areas around the boat sheds through to the main boat ramp are offering the best chance of finding fish for both land based and boat fishos on the northern side of the system, whilst the areas around Potato Point are offering anglers on the southern side of the system the best opportunities.

Both bait and lures are offering equal opportunities to catch fish, with a few nice flathead, bream and trevally being reported.

Further up the system, the water clarity is less than ideal. Particularly around the Bodalla bridge, its is still running very dirty the further upstream you go.

Rock and beach.

This week, as in previous weeks, these areas have been the most consistent for catch rates. With good numbers of salmon and tailor being caught this week, beach anglers have had lots of fun. The Moruya breakwall continues to offer flathead, trevally, bream and salmon along its length. The beach side offers a better chance than the river side does, so concentrate your efforts along here.

Further north, Broulee headland has also been producing good numbers of salmon and the odd rat kingfish. The kings however, can tend to be very fleeting in their appearance. You do really have to Johnny off the spot to find them.


The snapper and flathead still continue to keep many anglers happy with good fish being reported back in that magic 30-40m Mark. With school holidays still in full swing, and plenty of holiday makers still on the coast, the boat ramps are as expected, busy! Make sure you have your boat ready to go when it’s your turn on the ramp, bungs in, ties down straps ready, so as not to inconvenience those waiting their turn behind you. If you see someone struggling, maybe offer to lend a hand.

I had the pleasure of a drive down the coast this week, and it was interesting to see how each major waterway is coping with the amounts of water still coming down the systems.

Coila lake is getting VERY full, so much so I’m guessing council will be monitoring it closely for it be opened again. Either naturally, or via mechanical assistance.

This winter and next summer, are looking to be very good on the fishing fronts, with all local ICOLL’s being open at some stage over the last year.

Thanks for the pics from last weekend Ben, a nice salmon and rat king off the rocks!

Stay safe everyone and remember, “every days a good day for fishing...”

Team tackle world Moruya.

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