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Tackle World Moruya Fishing Report April 30th 2021

Moruya River. Action a plenty this week, with good numbers of salmon and tailor in the river, as well as the usual suspects. The tailor and salmon have been on the smaller side, and the tailor in particular have accounted for many bite offs, much to many anglers frustration. Par for the course unfortunately. Please remember that if you are going to keep tailor as a live bait or a dead bait, there is a minimum size of 30cm they have to be be kept. Fisheries have been around, but if you are doing the right thing, you have nothing to worry about. Plenty of flathead have been caught also this week throughout the Moruya system, as have bream, and Trevally. The hole in the wall has been holding good numbers of both bream and Trevally. Soft plastics and live nippers have been working well here. Further upstream the flats under the town bridge continue to see see numbers of flathead, bream and the occasional whiting being spotted. The holes in front of the hospital have also seen a few Luderick, Bream and Trevally. As the warmer water leaves us, and the days are getting shorter, expect the fish to move into the deeper holes, and into winter mode. This will slow the estuary fishing down a large degree, and make them less active. Tuross River. Plenty of good flathead continue to be caught this week, with many fish around the 40-50cm mark being caught. Good numbers of Bream, and Luderick are also being caught, with the odd salmon showing up in the system. Try any of the extensive rack systems that Tuross is famous for, for a good bream or two! Soft plastics or hardbody lures excel in this environment. As we move into the cooler period of the year, big blue nose bream start to gather in the deeper holes, and now is the time to start and chase a trophy fish. Please be aware that these fish are going to be very old, 30-40 years, and deserve to go back help produce more fish for future generations. Below is a repost of one of my best bream from this time last year to inspire you to get out and chase a few. Rock and beach. This would be my pick of locations to chase a few fish this weekend. With a mullet run underway, mulloway and sharks are a very real option from the sand and stones. The salmon and tailor continue to bite well, with all surf beaches holding schools of fish at some stage. Pilchards on gang hooks and paternoster rigs, are the best option to find a few fish, with metals cast into working schools, if close enough to shore, also an excellent way to catch a few fish. Fingers crossed we see a cuttlefish spawn run this year, and a resulting snapper run that follows the post cuttlefish spawn. Reds from the stones, is a favourite past time of a lot of south coast anglers. Offshore. Plenty of reports coming in this week, with a week of relatively calm seas and plenty of people getting into fish. Snapper have been reported in as little as 15-20m of water, with good numbers of late season flathead also showing up on the cleaning tables. As we move into the cooler period, deep drop options start to become a more reliable option, with one or two nice blue eye travalla turning up. As the offshore currents starts to head up from the south, Blue Fin Tuna become something that the game crews will start to gear up for. Here’s hoping we see a good run this year. With fewer people travelling abroad, or even interstate this year, you can expect to see more around on the weekends. This will see an increase in boat traffic at the local ramps. Please be aware that not everyone is experienced backing a traitor or loading or unloading a boat trailer. If you see someone having troubles, particularly if it’s windy and they are doing it solo, please offer a helping hand, it feels good to help, and is more constructive than hurling abuse at them. On the flip side, if you are new to getting a tinny or bigger into the water, please have your boat and fishing gear ready before you get on the ramp. Unloading all your tackle from the car to boat is best Not done on the ramp, but rather in the car park above the ramp. Stay safe everyone and remember, “every days a good day for fishing...” Team Tackle World Moruya.