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Tackle World Moruya Fishing Report

Moruya River. Flood waters have continued to recede this week, with the river now running at relatively normal levels, all be it still very dirty. This degraded water quality will continue for several weeks as the catchments continue to drain off. The lower sections of the river around the airport flats, on the north side, and Preddy’s wharf on the south side will be the best options for those wanting to try their luck this weekend. Paddle tail style lures from either Gulp, Daiwa Bait Junkie or Zman will be the best options, also look at Samaki Vibelicious lures, as these produce more noise or vibrations. A good smeer of scent to help attract fish would also be a good idea. The flats on the airport side of the river have the potential to be holding flathead at the moment. With dirty water, comes the ability to cast the flats without being spotted by the fish. So any fish working these areas will be less likely to be spooked. For any boaties wanting to get on the river this weekend, keep all eyes on the look out for floating or submerged debris. This style of post flood navigation hazard can very quickly bring a fishing trip to a premature end, or put the safety of passengers at risk.

Tuross river. With both the Canberra Day long weekend and the Tuross Bream and Flathead comp happening this weekend, you can expect there to be an increase in boat traffic fishing the Tuross system this weekend. With the river mouth, now very wide due to the recent, and continued high flows, we can expect that Tuross will start to clear up a little faster than usual, although not in time for the comp this weekend. Good luck to all who are entered! Lots of scent is going to be needed this weekend. Expect the lower sections to be the best spots, with the deeper holes in these lower areas being the prime areas to look for fish.

Rock and beach. Now that the big swells from last weekend have dropped off, the beaches will be starting to clear up, and will be the more consistent option to find fish this weekend. Look for beaches that have cleaner water to find both salmon, tailor, bream and whiting. Any of the rocky ledges have the potential to be holding good numbers of drummer this weekend, just be very mindful of swell size and direction if you are going to fish the rocks!

Offshore. With plenty of dirty water extending along way offshore, along with flood debris, the fishing offshore will continue to be a hit and miss this weekend. Once the waters clear up, which shouldn’t take too long, the snapper and flathead will be on the chew.

We have plenty of restocked goodies in store at the moment, with a few new additions to the range as new season stock continues to trickle in from all major suppliers. So if you don’t think you will fish this weekend, come in and check out our range.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “every days a good day for fishing…”

Team Tackle World Moruya.