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Tackle World Fishing Report Nov 12th 2021

Moruya River. Rain rain go away! You guessed it, with continued consistent falls this last week, the river is still on the murky side. We are looking at a bit of a break in the weather on Sunday, before the wet continues next week. What to do, what to do? Baits will be the best option this weekend, the oiler and the smellier the better! Mullet fillet, pilchards, fisho are all good options. For the lure guys, paddle tail patterns or vibes with added scent will the best options. Look for areas towards the front of the system on an incoming tides that has cleaner ocean water pushing in for the best results. The flats around the airport, Preddy’s wharf and the back of the hole in the wall will all be good starting points when you can get a break in the weather. Either that or add some good wet weather gear, and get amongst it!

Tuross River. The same will be for Tuross as Moruya this weekend. Fish towards the front of the system on a rising tide for the best chance of success. The boat shed area has been holding good schools of luderick this week, with the chance of a flathead or mulloway underneath them. Any spots in the system where side creeks drain into the main river channel are also worth a look, as big flathead and the odd mulloway like to look a feed in these areas. Coila lake has seen a rise the numbers of prawn being caught last dark, so as the season progresses, look towards this area for a feed of tasty summer prawns. All the local lakes are a good chance of holding prawns this summer, so don’t be afraid to explore your local shire to find that honey hole!

Rock and Beach. Salmon have been on the cards this week on the local beaches, with one very lucky local angler scoring a mulloway in the 40kg size range. Yes I did see the picture, and this was a very solid fish and a catch of a lifetime. The ear bone was sent off to DPI for aging, so it will be interesting to see what comes back from them. Bengello Beach was the capture point, pilchard was the offering, that’s as much as I’m prepared to let out. Get out and see what comes your way!!

Offshore. There have been consistently good reports of snapper coming from 50-70m of water this last week, along with Gummy sharks and plenty of flathead. The flathead have been in the 20-40m depths. So there are plenty of fish to be had for those wanting to go chase a feed this weekend. No reports of tuna as yet, but looking at the sea surface temps, that warm water pushing down can’t be far off bringing them on!!

The shop is starting to fill up with stock for the RAPIDLY approaching silly season, so if there is something you are after, come in and check out what we have on offer. I regularly update our social pages with new arrivals, so keep checking in to see what is available.

Stay safe everyone and remember “every days a good day for fishing…” Team Tackle World Moruya.