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Tackle World Fishing Report May 21st 2021

Moruya River. With slight improvements in the water quality this week, there have been minimal changes with the fishing. Most of the action has been concentrated towards the front of the system again, on a rising tide. The water temps has started to drop considerably this last week again, and as such the fish have started to settle into their winter routines. Fish slow and deep for best affect. Bladed style lures start to shine as overall temperatures start to drop. Fish the deeper holes, searching for bream, flathead and the odd whiting or trevally. For the baits guys, a burley trail will most definitely help your cause. You will have to work your way through the steady stream of small pickers that a free feed attracts.

Tuross River. Water clarity in Tuross has also been slow to improve this week, but with each passing high tide, and minimal rain, expect the water to slowly clear up. As with Moruya, the front half of the Tuross system has held the best numbers of fish this week. Fish the deeper holes to hopefully find the fish. As the water temperatures start to drop, Estuary Perch start to school up with breeding on their minds. This can make them overly easy to find and catch. Which is why there is a no take season on EP’s and Bass in affect from May 1st through to August 31st.

Rock and Beach. Salmon and Tailor have been the go to species this last week, with some of the Tailor topping the 60cm mark. Fish the low light periods for the best chance of scrapping with the old chopper tailor. Pilchards on gang hooks, or metals cast and retrieved offer two good options to get amongst both the salmon and the tailor. As the water temps drop good numbers of drummer will start to also show up off the local rock platforms and breakwalls. A bit of bread burley, will help attract the fish to you. Drummer, if bled straight away, are one of my favourite fish for the table. With firm white flesh, they plate up very nicely.

Offshore. Good numbers of snapper are appearing on the inshore reefs in waters as shallow as 15m. Fresh squid makes a great snapper bait, as it also makes a great feed for the table. Tubes for dinner, heads for bait! There have also still been reasonable numbers of flathead still around. We have IKA squids jigs currently on sale for $10 each, that’s a saving of $4.99 per squid jig.

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Stay safe everyone and remember, “every days a good day for fishing...” Team Tackle World Moruya.