Tackle World Fishing Report May 14th 2021

Moruya River. At least we had a break from the rain this week. The weather on the whole, was pretty typical for this time of year, cool nights and mornings, with warm pleasant days. The river is still suffering from the last rain event, and is continues to run brown and dirty. An incoming or rising tide, in areas towards the front of the system are again going to offer you the best chance of finding fish. The water temperature has noticeably dropped, as can been seen on the sea surface temps charts. As we all find it just that it harder to get motivated when it’s cold, the fish also start to slow down. Lures that sit on the strike zone for longer, have a better chance of eliciting a fish to bite, as does a nicely presented bait. Be prepared to work harder for your fish in the river, as the winter season progresses along.

Tuross river. Tuross lake and the river system faces the same challenges as Moruya this week. Fresh dirty water pushing fish into deeper holes and towards the front of the system. Fish the incoming tides towards the front of the system, with oily baits offering the best chance of finding a feed of fish. Unfortunately with the amount of rain we have had in the region, we are looking at several weeks before both Tuross and Moruya rivers settle down and start to run salty and clear again.

Rock and Beach. Salmon and Tailor continue to keep the anglers happy this week, with all beaches, headlands and breakwalls offering a better than average chance of hooking up. Pilchards on gang hooks and paternoster rigs, or cast and retrieved metals have been offering anglers lots of fun. With a SW wind forecast for Saturday, finding a sheltered spot could prove a tall order. No particular beach is offering more fish than others. Find one you like the look of, or that is convenient to get to, and spend some time enjoying the comfortable days we have been enjoying.

Offshore. Reports have been limited this week as to what has been happening for the boaties that enjoy a bit of bottom bashing. Saturday afternoon has the seas predicted to spike at 2.4m with the winds picking up to around 40kph, before leveling out for Sunday. Get out and back in early on Saturday, or if possible, try for a session on Sunday. The snapper should be starting to show in better numbers around the inshore reefs as the water temps start to drop, with catches of flathead starting to slow up a bit.

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Stay safe everyone and remember, “every days a good day for fishing...” Team Tackle World Moruya.