South Coast ASA Zoom Meeting Wednesday 10 June

Bill Radley, the Convenor of the South Coast ASA Discussion Group advises there will be another Zoom online meeting for the South Coast ASA group NEXT WEDNESDAY 10 JUNE at 2.00pm

Bill says "This meeting will be a ripper, and not to be missed.  If you wish to participate you must email me (or reply to this email) so that I can send you a Zoom invitation.

"Now the good news.  The CEO of Australian Shareholders Association, John Cowling, has agreed to attend our meeting and will giving a 60 minute presentation on the state of play in the ASX.

"I have seen John's presentation (he gave the same one at an online meeting to another group last week) and it is excellent.  John is a great presenter, and will provide a well researched insight into what has happened to the Australian stock market since Covid-19, including some interesting research into who is buying shares, and who is still sitting on the sidelines, and the likely short and medium economic impact of Covid-19 - which has an important bearing on the ASX market in the months ahead.  He will also outline some great options into buying ETF's that cover the world stockmarket, and the US market, and how these have performed over the past few years, and compared to the ASX.

"A few members have also asked about charting software, and we will discuss some options and ideas for buying and using charting software.  If anyone has some software they are currently using and would like to discuss, can you please let me know beforehand and I will include on the agenda.

"We will also discuss some HOT HOT stocks that are running very hard at the moment, and share ideas of what members are doing with their stocks and portfolio's at the moment.

"We also really need to talk about our model portfolio's, which we have been postponing for a while.  Are we ready to dive back in?  What ideas do you have for growth stocks?  Income stocks?  

"If there are any other items you would like to add to the agenda, please let me know ASAP.  I will put together an agenda and send it out on the weekend.

"If you want to join our Zoom meeting next Wednesday, you must let me know by email, or by reply to this email.  I can only send you an invitation to join if you have let me know you want to participate.

"We have much to discuss.  I look forward to catching up with your all next Wednesday.

In the meantime, take care." For further information.... 0419612401