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Solar Recycling depot joint project

Micro Energy Systems & the Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance are currently working on a joint project to establish Eurobodalla’s own Solar Recycling depot which would combine recycling of PV panels, balance of systems and batteries with technical training and a re use manufacturing facility.

The concept being to accept unwanted and end of life PV panels and associated materials to clean, test and certify these articles for possible resale back to the public at a subsidised price and for absolute end of life equipment; to be broken down and recycled at the materials level.

Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance would like to hear from anyone interested in working on this project which will commence via a zoom meeting early next week.

Please email Kathryn on go.kathryn.maxwell@gmail.com or Lisa on admin.mesa@bigpond.com should you wish to register your interest.