SoArt presents: Felicity Townend

Felicity Townend was always interested in art in her school days, but it wasn't until long after retirement from a hairdressing career that she undertook lessons in painting with watercolour.

Her interest in designing and making applique and patchwork quilts developed a sense of balance and colour saying "Those painting lessons fostered a real passion".

"Involvement with a weekly group, tutored sometimes, increased my knowledge, techniques and the use of different mediums. I also enjoy drawing portraits with charcoal and pencil, painting and drawing with inks and watercolours."

"Although watercolour is a favoured medium, during the recent months of staying home I have found a new passion for acrylic painting on canvas. Using the vibrant colours and exploring abstract methods has given me another direction."

"I have entered works in local exhibitions and hope you enjoy what you see in this current display."

Sem2 Display 750x350 v1a (1).png