SHASA brings ‘power on the move’ to Eurobodalla residents

The Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance (SHASA) will provide a free-of-charge mobile power generator for use by Eurobodalla households and businesses, assisting with power requirements during bushfire rebuilds, power outages and extreme weather events that would otherwise isolate communities.

SHASA’s acquisition of a community power generator was made possible by a $25,000 Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal (FRRR) grant, awarded through the Strengthening Rural Communities Program. The resulting ‘Power on the Move’ initiative will be run with SHASA’s long-term partner, Micro Energy Systems Australia (MESA) of Bodalla.

“The portable community generator can provide free temporary power supply for trades working on bushfire rebuilds within our communities,” SHASA President Kathryn Maxwell said.

“The generator could also be used by households frequently cut off from towns/major hubs by storm events, and to those vulnerable to power outages from the network, whether planned or unplanned. These outages are frequent and teamed with extreme weather events, whereby whole communities are often cut off, the mobile generator would provide a very practical and needed way of delivering power.”

The generator could potentially supply power to three houses at any one time and is suitable to provide/contribute to the power needs for music, catering and market events and building sites. It could also supply power to cool rooms, small clubs and hotels, small supermarkets, cafes, small petrol stations, small industrial workshops or facilities, dairies and farms.

“The purchase of this mobile generator for use by the community will ensure better preparedness for future emergencies, increasing the resilience of communities in our Shire,” Ms Maxwell said.

Subsidised hire rates would apply for community events, with proceeds contributing to maintenance and upkeep costs, she said.

It is anticipated that the 22kVa generator will be available by December, with MESA carrying out customisation and safety checks before the unit is made available to the community.

Stephen Cornthwaite, of MESA, said: “This is a very useful portable power unit and applicable for both single phase and three phase applications. It’s set up on a purpose-built easy tow trailer assembly with a user friendly breakout box and safety switch protected outlets. It comes with a portable earth stake or can be easily switched to make use of the installation main earth at the location. It also comes with all the requisite safety equipment including a fire extinguisher.”

MESA will service/load test and maintain the generator on a regular basis to ensure its continued reliability. Bookings can be made through the MESA office, via or by calling 4473 5988.

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