Sense Rugby Awards Day

Today was a special day for the region's Sense Rugby players. Jess Hannan of Coast & Country Occupational Therapy told The Beagle "It was our first awards presentation for our Sense Rugby legends. "It was a first for many of our kids today- their first trophy, their first time being part of a team, their first time being part of a sports club and their first awards ceremony outside of school." "They all worked so hard this year and all deserved the end of year party to celebrate. We are beyond proud of them and feel so lucky we were chosen to be part of their life journey". "Thank you again to the incredible Batemans Bay Boars Junior Rugby Union for all their support this year and helping us every step along the way with running this program. They never missed a beat even with every hurdle we had this year," Jess said. "We can’t wait to see what new and amazing skills our Sense Rugby team will learn next year and we are looking forward to meeting some new players in 2021."