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Road safety warning due to extreme wet weather

Transport for NSW is warning road users to take extra care on the roads in the coming days as extreme wet weather batters sections of the state.

Transport for NSW Regional Director South, Sam Knight said motorists should carefully assess non-essential travel and exercise more caution than usual if they do get behind the wheel.

“If you are on the road over the next few days, please be on alert for any flash flooding, pot holing and other hazards,” Ms Knight said.

“Also be aware that Transport for NSW will have crews working to keep the network open and safe, and reckless driving will put both you and our staff at risk.”

Ms Knight cited the advice of the State Emergency Service (SES) regarding floodwater: if it’s flooded, forget it.

“The major cause of death during flooding is from people attempting to travel through floodwater, and it’s important to emphasise that being in a car doesn’t make you any safer,” Ms Knight said.

“Floodwater may be deeper or faster flowing than it appears and can conceal hidden snags or debris.

“Roads and surfaces underneath floodwater can wash away, and this may not be visible from the surface.”

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