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Richard Wharton best of stableford field at Tuross Head

Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf held a stableford competition on Saturday August 14th and the results are as listed below. Richard Wharton was an easy winner with an excellent score of 42 stableford points. Consideration is being given as to how the ramifications of the latest Covid 19 state lockdown rulings will affect the staging of golf competitions in the immediate future.

Tuross Head men’s golf single stableford winners Saturday August 14th 2021

Richard Wharton 42, Steve Collins 39, Herb Muriwai 39, Paul Medwin 38 and Jim Wade 38 points.

Ball Winners

Steven O’Shea 37, Tony Brown 37, Ian Kingston 37, Richard Brake 37, Peter Engelbrecht 36,

Trevor Jones 36, Bruce Martin 36, Paul Ferguson 35, Ian Lawson 35, Frank Pomfret 35, John Eglitis 35,

Bruce Handley 35, Ian Miller 34, Allan Langford 34, Col Houghton 34, Michael Allen 33,

Michael Coloe 33, Shane Gschwend 33, Darren Willmouth 33 and Peter Nikolic 33 points.

Nearest the Pins

A grade: Ken Hush 4th, Wayne Fullerton 6th and Peter Engelbrecht 7th hole.

B grade: Troy Kingdom 4th, Shane Gschwend 6th and Trevor Jones 7th hole.

C grade: Martin Booth 4th, Bruce Handley 6th and Rob McKirdy 7th hole.

Medley Stableford Thursday August 12th 2021


Peter Coffey 40 points, Mark Forrest 39, Greg Smith 38, Ian Miller 37 and Bruce Martin 36 points.

Ball Winners:

Malcolm Gilbertson 36, Paul Medwin 36, Ruth Gschwend 35, Jim Madden 35, Nick Brice 34,

Ian McManus 34, Leonie Snodgrass 34, Nigel Barling 34, Paul Israel 34, Peter Garn 34, Col Houghton 33 and

Brad Doolan 33 points.

Nearest the Pins:

4th hole AIan Kingston, 6th hole Malcom Gilbertson and 7th hole Shane Gschwend.

Photo: Richard Wharton: Tuross Head single stableford winner.

Photo: Courtesy Tony Brown.