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Recollections: Spotlight Focuses on Local Museums

Museums in the south-east of New South Wales have had a tough couple of years trying to cope with the effects of major bushfires and then the Covid-19 pandemic.

But visitors are now returning, and local museums are being offered support to help them attract more visitors.

South Coast History Society, which publishes a free local history-related magazine every second month, is also helping these museums.

Its April-May issue of ‘Recollections’ has become a special ‘Museums Issue’, providing details of 39 museums that currently operate in the south-east of NSW.

‘In compiling this issue of ‘Recollections’, we were surprised to discover how many museums there are in the area, and we were also amazed at how very distinctly different they all are,’ Peter Lacey, the Editor of ‘Recollections’ said.

‘For example, there is a snow sports museum in Thredbo, a museum in Tumbarumba celebrating the ingenuity of pioneering Australian rural women, a museum in Eden honoring St Mary MacKillop, a railway museum in Yass, a motoring museum in Cooma, a dinosaur museum in Canberra, a museum with everything you would ever want to know about jails in Cooma, and a maritime-focused museum in Tathra. And there are lots of other museums highlighting the history of their local area – each with very different and very interesting stories to tell.’

‘We’re hoping that those who read this Museums issue of ‘Recollections’ will be inspired to jump in their car to visit one or two local museums…or even spend a weekend or a week on a ‘museum crawl’ throughout the area.’

‘I’d be totally amazed if they don’t discover numerous things in each of these local museums that absolutely fascinate or intrigue them,’ Peter added.

There’s also an additional bonus to ‘Recollections’ readers who choose to visit a local museum at some time in the next couple of months: they could win one of three copies of a superb coffee table-style book, ‘The Museum’, that tells the stories of some of the world’s best-known museums.

This Museums issue of ‘Recollections’ is available at www.bit.ly/Recollections33 and is available free in booklet form from museums, tourist centres and many other outlets throughout the south-east of NSW.

Further information is also available by phoning 0448 160 852.

Above: The new Museums Issue of ‘Recollections’