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Racing Pigeon Memorial Race

Last Sunday June 6th, the Southeast Racing Pigeon Combine, held its 2nd race of the Season. It was the Annual Norma Ford Memorial Ladies Race.

345 Pigeons were released @9am from Sussex Inlet, in perfect weather conditions.

The winner in the Memorial Race with first Hen Bird clocked, was an emotional Graham Ford. Normas son.

2nd was John Mette, 3rd Manny Byrne. In the Main Race Manny Byrne 1st, Mario Magrin 2nd, Graham Ford 3rd. The Club wish to thank their new Sponsors for this Race, M & N Shannon Excavations from Broulee. Next Sunday the Pigeons will be sent further North to Bass Pt to race home.

Norma Ford with her son Graham in centre Any one interested in any aspect of pigeon racing can contact Mario Magrin on 0407528420 or Manny Byrne on 0439708778