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Purple Poppys Honour War Animals at Club Narooma Feb 24th

The Purple Poppy Project is the initiative of passionate residents being grateful and honouring the loyal and dedicated animal warriors every day but especially on their day, 24th of February. The Purple Poppy Project will be holding a remembrance service beside the War Animal Memorial at Club Narooma at 10:30am February 24th to remember our brave animals who served. This is a project that is part of the amazing work that Narooma RSL members do for all our veterans to ensure Lest We Forget The display of Purple Poppies will remain in place until the Animal memorial service on 24th of February with some remaining until after the ANZAC service on 25 April.

Our brave animals of war.

Thank you for your service

Lest we forget

Photos: Purple Poppy Project Narooma "Australian war animals have demonstrated true valour and an enduring partnership with humans. The bond is unbreakable, their sacrifice great” - Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation.

VIDEO: Millions of animals gave their lives in WWI and this film pays tribute to that. The animals' natural skills and instincts proved invaluable in the war and their display of unwarvering courage even when exposed to extreme conditions inspires.