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Project Colombia x Alfresco Coffee Roasters

Alfresco Coffee Roasters is a Eurobodalla success story. Locally owned, hugely supported by the community and now in Batemans Bay as well as across the South East at innumerable cafes as their coffee bean of choice. The South Coast enjoys several roasteries that not only have great coffee but also stand by the principles of fair trade to ensure growers get the best price possible and are treated with respect and friendship. Owner Sam Steiner says "We’re passionate about sourcing, roasting, brewing, and serving our award-winning coffee as ethically as possible, which takes us to some of the most iconic coffee growing regions around the world. We currently have coffee generation projects in multiple different countries, including Colombia, Philippines and Nicaragua. "At Alfresco Coffee Roasters, we have the heart to want to see the world become a better place. In particular, we focus on the Speciality Coffee Industry - an industry close to our heart. Although Speciality Coffee only plays a small role in the coffee industry, we can help bring lasting and effective change to the lives of many farmers and their communities.

"We currently buy our coffee beans from trusted partners in 13 origins in which we aim to build direct trade relationships with producers whose vision aligns with ours. Alfresco now have projects running and operating in multiple growing regions. Our most recent project started when we visited the growing areas in Colombia and Peru. Over our last few visits to Colombia, we have built a relationship through our friends at with Diofanor Ruiz, a committed grower who has adapted his cultivation techniques over time to enhance sustainable farming practices in a bid to reduce the impact on the environment.

"Mr Ruiz is well-educated in coffee production and runs his farm accordingly. Recently he created his own brand of Honey as he saw the need to be a beekeeper as a vital part of climate conservation and sees the union of beekeepers and coffee farmers as an essential ingredient to sustainability. So it was a no-brainer to partner with this legend in a lasting relationship and a project to help his endeavours. Alfresco Coffee Roasters, alongside their clients and customers, will be raising funds to help build coffee drying facilities at Mr Ruiz’s farm to assist in increasing his production capacity and replace his current facilities. He says, “When it rains, it rains more inside under the roof than the outside.”

"With your support, we aim for this to be an ongoing project affecting the lives of Diofanor Ruiz, his family and their community. Although we often see the social effect play out in regions, it starts with one individual committed to change, and we know that Mr Ruiz is the man for this occasion. Mr Ruiz has the knowledge and passion required to bring about lasting change.

"To do this, we have a minimum target of AUD 10,000 to raise in support alongside the already made commitment from Alfresco Coffee Roasters to purchase the more significant part of his crops, which we will be showcasing in-store and online very shortly. We look forward to sharing updates as this project gains traction in the coming weeks and months!"

Above: Alfresco's James and Sam with Diofanor Ruiz Project Colombia x Alfresco Coffee Roasters


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