Police visit South Coast Aboriginal communities to discuss COVID-19 concerns

The state’s Southern Region Commander this week travelled to the South Coast to discuss COVID-19 concerns with the local Aboriginal community.

Over the past two days (Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 April 2020), Assistant Commissioner Joe Cassar APM met with community members and elders at the regional town of Wallaga Lake.

Indigenous Australians over the age of 50 have been identified as amongst the most vulnerable members of our community in addition to all people over the age of 70 and individuals with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, lung or heart related illnesses and immune related disorders.

Assistant Commissioner Cassar, who is also the state’s sponsor for Aboriginal Engagement, said Aboriginal communities will continue to be a priority for the NSW Police Force.

“Our South Coast community has been devastated this year and we have a number of vulnerable and at-risk communities that we need to continue supporting,” Assistant Commissioner Cassar said.

“We need to ensure these communities are still receiving vital services and supplies, and that the community members themselves feel supported.

“We know that Indigenous Australians fall into the higher risk category with the COVID-19 virus, and we want to ensure they are at the forefront of support and essential services.”

To protect yourself and your mob:

• practise good hygiene

• practise social distancing

• follow the limits for public gatherings

• understand how to self-isolate if you need to

The NSW Police Force will continue to engage with Aboriginal communities across the state and encourage everyone to do their part to stop the spread.