Please Don't Kidnap Our Baby Birds

It is  that time of year when baby birds are hatching and learning to fly.  Some get off the ground quite easily while others are much slower to launch.  So what should you do?  This is what WIRES,  vets, and mum and dad birds, would like you to know.

Spring is the 'kidnapping' season for many baby birds who are just learning to fly and are 'rescued' by well meaning humans.  This particularly happens to magpies and ravens who spend a lot of time on the ground, rather than in trees,  before they can fly proficiently. 

If a bird is genuinely injured call WIRES or take it to one of our local vets.  If it is in immediate danger move it to safety then wait around to see if the parents return.  More often than not they are keeping a very close eye on their baby from a safe distance and waiting for you to go away.

If a baby bird has fallen out of it's nest and is not injured try and put it back.  If the nest is too high an ice cream container with holes and a bit of leaf bedding placed as high as possible into the tree works.  Then quietly wait around from a distance to see if the parents return. This may take a few hours. 

Baby masked lapwing Photo: Sandy Collins 

The best experts to raise a wild bird are its parents. If the baby really needs help contact WIRES on 1300 094 737 or take it to your local vet.  Please do not try and raise it yourself.  Sadly many a wildlife carer has had to take one of our wildlife species to be euthanased after it has been held by a member of public too long and/or fed the wrong diet.   It is also illegal to keep wildlife unless you are in a registered carer.  Please remember our wildlife are not pets.

For all injured wildlife needing help please call WIRES on 1300 094 737.