Phase 1 of Wildlife And Habitat Bushfire Recovery Program Funding Underway

South East Local Land Services is implementing phase one of the Australian Government’s Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery package in response to the southern fires.

Funding of $200,000 has been provided to enable Local Land Services and partners to undertake immediate on-ground work in bushfire affected areas to protect threatened species and habitat.

“The funds provided by the Australian Government, and ongoing support from the NSW Government, enabled us to move quickly to help protect threatened species in some key areas” said South East Local Land Services General Manager Anthony Marshall.

“Post fires we knew that if there was to be any rain, erosion and the flushing of sediment and debris into catchments, would be a huge risk.

“So too would the movement and increased grazing pressure of large pests like deer.

“We were able to get these projects up and running quickly as we have the established teams and networks with the capacity to do this kind of work”.

The South East Local Land Services team worked with the Mogo and Batemans Bay Local Aboriginal Land Councils to install emergency erosions mitigation control measures, including coir logs and placement of existing burnt timber, to prevent sediment run off in priority fire affected areas in the Deua River and Clyde catchments.

In the Mongarlowe/Palerang area the team, working with some enthusiastic community members, has also carried out an erosion mitigation project to help reduce the impact of post fire run off to areas of known habitat for the Macquarie Perch.

On the Far South Coast the Local Land Services biosecurity team has targeted deer in areas where they have been observed post fire. Deer compete with native animals for food and put considerable grazing pressure on natural and pastured areas.

“The whole region is still coming to terms with the impact of the fires, this work is important to us and the communities we support.

“We have more projects in the pipeline and look forward to working with our community partners in the coming months.

“This project is supported through the Australian Governments Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Program”.

For more information about biosecurity or natural resource management issues in your areas please contact your nearest Local Land Services office on 1300 795 299.