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People in Glasshouses...

Dear Beagle Editor,

For the record, I have family in Melbourne and country Victoria and I am glad their Premier is remaining adamant as is his counterpart in Queensland, that to prematurely relax the restrictions would conceivably result in a third and possibly worse wave of infections and deaths.

The criticisms being levelled at the Victorian government might have some basis and nobody denies that mistakes were made and matters could have been better handled and that applies elsewhere as well.

Look at the shemozzle that has followed the way Ruby Princess passengers were allowed to go home not only within Sydney but all over the country.

If we went back a bit further, how come the App isn’t doing all it was trumped up to do by the feds? If Victoria believed the hype around the App, it’s no wonder their tracking activities are less than perfect!

If we went back even further to the beginning of the year and the first “patient zero” was detected in Australia, we should remember he came from overseas through border protection that could have been much more alert than they were at the time.

People in glass (parliament) houses should refrain from throwing political stones!

Jeff de Jager