Orange Route for Moruya Bypass: Lives at Risk, From NSW Transport Preferred Bypass Route

An important announcement is expected from NSW Transport, today, which will indubitably laud the luminaires at the NSW Transport for their seminal work, while also expressing their hollow gratitude to the community for their invaluable input into the selection of the route. However, there is a countervailing position, which is closer to reality than the media release that will be forthcoming From the outset of the Moruya Bypass corridor selection process, NSW Transport emphasized its determination to work hand in glove with the One New Hospital committee, to ensure that the bypass and the hospital were seamlessly linked and so eliminate the lengthy waits in traffic through Moruya, which plague the current route. However, NSW Transport’s preferred corridor isn’t linked to the proposed hospital site at all. In fact, the first access point back onto the Princes Hwy is actually 1.5km south of the hospital. There is no off and on ramps from the preferred Orange Corridor to the hospital.

Hmmm … seamless, easy access, I must be missing something here. In its current configuration, our northern cousins, travelling south to the hospital will need to turn right at Noad’s Rd, across oncoming traffic, back onto the old highway. Then travel 1.5kms back into town, then cross the highway again to arrive at the hospital. Let’s hope they don’t die along the way, while waiting to cross the highway. One is left to ponder the wisdom of the enlightened Boffins at NSW Transport, who make these collaborative decisions. I know! Perhaps they could install two additional sets of traffic lights at each point, just to slow down things a little. Orange route offers a longer and more dangerous route to the hospital, than the Purple option, which goes straight past the hospital’s doors. NSW Transport needs to be congratulated for going the extra mile (oops I meant kilometre), because they’ve selected the longest route possible to the new hospital, chosen the most environmental damaging route possible, that will destroy as many homes and lives possible, as well as the most expensive and unseemly option possible. Pity they didn’t listen to the community, if they had, then this appalling outcome could have been avoided.

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png