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Open Memo

OPEN MEMO To the Eurobodalla community and ONE New Eurobodalla Hospital supporters Paper petition results Against all the odds of rolling Covid lockdowns, our community’s wonderful network of ‘ONE’ Advocates members and supporters - including many medical, first-line and emergency responders - have ensured a fantastic result for the New Petition: 363 pages of 3,315 signatures.

We did better than our original 2018 petition! Congratulations to all on a job well done! However, as Head petitioners and “ONE” Advocates co-founders, we think it is appropriate to share our own disappointment with the community that the Local Member has made no effort whatsoever to contact us to express any interest to understand the need for the New Petition or, equally, to offer any assistance to the Petition as our Community’s Local Member (although he has been in possession of our contact details for the past two years). We have noted the very prominent visual presence of the Local Member’s image across the opening page of the newly launched SNSW Local Health District’s website, giving his endorsement to the planned pared-back services and bed numbers in the New Hospital, at total variance with a Level 4 facility. What cost-effectiveness and futureproofing is involved in closing a level 2 and a level 3 Hospital (Batemans Bay and Moruya) to replace them in effect with one single but reduced-down Level 3 Hospital? These plans are totally inconsistent with the crystal-clear wishes of the Community’s massively backed original 2018 Petition, and most notably with the Local Member’s own previously enthusiastic and very public endorsement of it during his 2019 election campaign and on his own campaign website. “ONE” Advocates’ commitment to the Community remains undiminished, steadfast and resolute, immeasurably strengthened by the tremendous support the Community has just expressed through the Petition. We congratulate the “ONE” Advocates network of supporters without whom this exceptional result would simply not have been possible: You are the heroes. And “ONE” Advocates thank the many thousands of our fellow residents who have kindly given us, and our admirable ‘advocate-in-chief’ Dr Michael Holland, their continuing vote of confidence and support. It is greatly appreciated. In the meantime, the E-Petition on NSW Parliament’s website marches on and remains very much open for signing (signing both formats of the petition is perfectly allowed). Fitzroy and Mylène Boulting “ONE” Advocates Head Petitioners and co-founders. The e-petition is still open

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