Open Letter to Hon Rob Stokes about his opinion on the development of Dalmeny in Sun Herald

Dear Hon Stokes, We own a property in Narooma, next to Dalmeny & receive the Beagle online news every week. I am so pleased to see that you strongly disagree to the development of Dalmeny, as shown in The Sun Herald, noted by The Beagle, in the last edition on July 31st, 2021. My letter to the editor was printed on July 16th, in which I also strongly objected to yet another decimation of beauty on our south coast , by the Eurobodalla (present) council. I know how passionate the community are, & my husband Rob & I cannot wait to be full-time residents in Narooma from January 2022. We bought our home there last year in July because of the lure of the forest & the ocean, & of course the peaceful life style change from Sydney. We’ve been holidaying down south for over 20 years together, I’ve been staying down there since I was born. I suggested in my letter to the editor that these councilors who are so keen to get this development started, should step outside of their offices & go to the place where they first fell in love with, in their south coast paradise. Then see if they can justify what they are trying to do. The flora & fauna cannot speak up for themselves so it is our duty to speak for God’s creatures, after all they & their habitat have been there since the beginning of time. Shame on Eurobodalla council for trying to do to Dalmeny , what they went ahead & did in Broulee in June, without any notification to those residents what so ever!! This community were shell shocked when they saw so much of that land completely wiped out with no prior consultation to them by council! This too is in the Beagle, including a video made by them & one councilor, Councilor Mayne, who too was disgusted. Please Hon Rob Stokes, can you step in & stop this terrible decision from going ahead before we lose yet another special jewel of the Eurobodalla south coast. Thankyou, Yours sincerely Gail Browning.