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ONE hospital ePetition launch

The “ONE” New L4 Eurobodalla Hospital Advocates group advise:

In late 2018, a community-wide Petition from the people of Eurobodalla lobbed into NSW Parliament with an unambiguously clear 3-part Plea asking our NSW policymakers and planners to URGENTLY address shamefully long-standing healthcare services gaps and shortfalls. The 3,300-signature Petition centred around the desperately needed provision of a proper, fully-functioning Level 4 Hospital, entirely proportionate to the size and exceptional demographics of the Eurobodalla LHD (Local Health District). 3 years later, all the subsequent talk and public posturing aside, incredibly, those issues remain mostly unresolved and the pleas still largely unaddressed with healthcare services and resources seemingly still stuck on a totally outdated 1970’s-type departmental ‘setting’.

With a medical frontline workforce often (and unwisely) asked to work extra shifts and dangerously strained to critical breaking point, Eurobodalla’s nationally preeminent seniors demographic and its very significant First Nations population now present a target in current Covid-Delta Variant circumstances, made much more vulnerable by the failure to act on the community’s URGENT 2018 call for a proper Emergency and Intensive Care capability. Other distant SNSW Health Districts with smaller populations are nonetheless resourced with L4 Hospitals including Intensive Care Units! The recent “transfer” ventilators hurriedly brought into the Eurobodalla are designed for transporting seriously sick patients out of the Eurobodalla to enable access to adequate treatment elsewhere! Could there be any reasonable excuse for this half-baked solution given our 3-year pre-Covid appeal?

The “ONE” New L4 Eurobodalla Hospital Advocates group has been running a New (2021) Petition, re-iterating all the demands of the 2018 Petition. Despite all the lockdown obstacles it is steadily closing in on the 2018 3,000+ signature threshold.

To meet the community’s growing demand for the security of a Petition tool which is both easily accessible and COVID-safe, “ONE” New L4 Eurobodalla Hospital Advocates is now launching an e-Petition on the NSW Parliamentary website Petitions Page (Link: Signing ePetition (

Very importantly, all Petitioners are legally entitled to sign both types of petition, print-on-paper and electronic!

This time around, made that much more relevant by Covid-19, the call is for an aspirational 20,000 signature total, to trigger a debate on the NSW Parliamentary floor. Go the Eurobodalla!