October edition of The Triangle OUT NOW

The October 2020 issue of The Triangle is online and ready to read now, or you can pick up a paper copy from your local distribution point. Editorial by Rosemary Beaumont Creative energy seems to be infusing a pathway of renewal, recovery and time for contemplation to distil lessons learned at the individual and community levels. Visions of renewable energy and sustainable living powering our community are being explored beyond concepts and into practical application. Wise counsel and inner reflection advise to take things slowly, particularly big decisions. Perhaps a different and even better future following the bushfire destruction is unfolding as some districts are changing to a younger demographic. The creative juices are certainly flowing through our arts community, with art workshops drawing forth expression from harsh experiences. New galleries are opening, established ones re-opening, writers are producing books from the ashes and local youth, from a nation-wide pool, are winning writing awards. Markets, op-shops and men’s sheds are re-starting together with resumption of regular events like CWA meetings. Zoom may be giving way to a cuppa. However, recent local(ish) visits of a COVID-positive Sydney taxi driver remind us to remain safe through aware vigilance. And some utilise the COVID experience to learn the new language of pandemic-speak, and for others, to discover local treasures on our doorsteps. With the next fire season upon us, local RFS crews offer support in preparation with ‘Get Ready’ days, advice in assessing risk, making changes and survival plans. The generosity of spirit of these volunteers highlights the strength of community bonds forged in service. This is also reflected by so many others in shared interactions – giving when we can and receiving when appropriate. A local treasure, Mary Williams, demonstrates ways to strengthen community connectedness with her approach to life – ‘paying it forward’.

Pick up a copy at your post office, petrol station, library or 777, or read a colour version online here.

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