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OCEAN statue for Moruya

Council has announced a new sculpture will be installed on the front lawn of the council chamber.

The sculpture, to be created by Australian sculptor Terrance Plowright OAM, and funded by philanthropist and supporter of arts and culture in Eurobodalla, Basil Sellers AM, as a gift to the Council. This artwork, valued at $100,000, has been developed in consultation with Council and Mr Sellers and designed specifically for the front of the Council building in Moruya. In 2017 Mr Sellers committed a $250,000 donation plus $50,000 naming rights to the building of the art centre in Moruya. During the build Mr Sellers offered Council the gift of a commissioned artwork by Australian sculptor Terrance Plowright OAM. He requested that this public artwork be sited at the front of the Council building in Moruya and serve to act both as an aesthetic enhancement to the main Council site and a wayfinding marker to the Bas. The report to Council on March 23rd 2021 said that: "Terrance Plowright is one of Australia’s most recognised artists. He has been creating fine art for over 30 years and has been commissioned by State Governments, city Councils, corporations, church groups and individuals. His artwork is installed throughout Australia and overseas. In 2019 he was awarded an ‘Order of Australia’, for his contribution to the arts, notably in sculpture. The report says "A Terrance Plowright sculpture is an important addition to Council’s art collection and a substantial gift to the community. Terrance Plowright visited Eurobodalla in mid-2020 for research and while here collected source material for the commissioned piece. His process was to develop multiple drawings for consideration which were submitted to Mr Sellers in October of 2020. In December Council staff met with Mr Sellers and his team to discuss the drawings and select the sculpture to be built, that best worked conceptually and aesthetically and fitted within the budget, which is $100,000." The artwork entitled ‘Ocean’ was submitted to the PAAC for consideration and the committee discussed the design, concept safety and finish with the artist. A Native Title assessment is underway, and upon Council acceptance, it is anticipated that the sculpture will be ready for installation in July 2021.