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NSW Government launches a new campaign to inspire women to stand for their community

Just one year out from the next Local Government elections in next year the NSW Government has launched a new campaign to inspire more women to represent their community and run for council at the upcoming September 2021 local government elections. Shelley Hancock MP, NSW Minister for Local Government,says "Our councils must be representative of the people they serve and represent. In NSW, 50 per cent of the population are female yet in local government, only 31 per cent of councillors are women. "To turn the dial, State and Local Government have joined forces to empower more women to stand for their community and run for their council at next year’s elections. "The campaign includes a series of inspiring videos with former and current female councillors including Lucy Turnbull AO, Clr Clover Moore, Clr Linda Scott, Clr Marianne Saliba, Clr Katrina Humphries and Clr Kristy McBain MP speaking about their positive experiences in Local Government and their proudest achievements for their communities. "The women, from metropolitan, regional and rural councils, also speak about how they overcame real-life challenges such as balancing family and work commitments. "The videos will be widely promoted on websites and social media channels of the NSW Government, local councils, peak bodies and other key stakeholders.

"A range of materials including key information and resources, digital collateral, posters and flyers will also form part of the campaign. More information about the Election of Women to Local Government campaign including the videos can be found on the Office of Local Government website. "I am also pleased to have also secured $100,000 for a series of workshops and programs for potential female candidates across the State. "The NSW Government is partnering with Women for Election Australia to run these workshops. Through a combination of online webinars and face-to-face workshops, the training will help address the barriers women face when they run for office. Workshop details can be found on Women for Election Australia’s website."