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Next EuroSCUG day April 7th

At the next meeting, on Wednesday 7 April ,EuroSCUG will hold its 13th Annual General Meeting.

EuroSCUG has been helping seniors to master technology since 2008 and for the first time we do not have nomination for President, a very sad situation indeed. A number of us have been on the committee since the first AGM and are looking forward to mentoring others to take our places.

We are also now faced with new challenges, moving away from PCs, and onto Phones and Tablets. If you have mastered your handheld devices, you might like to join our organisation to help others who are still learning. We do not need experts, just someone who has a bit of confidence. Unlike PCs, there are so many different types of handheld devices, that it often comes down to one on one assistance, and this is where you can help.

We meet at the Moruya Golf Club at 10am on the first Wednesday of each month, and Local Area Groups meet regularly in Batemans Bay, Tuross and Narooma as well as in Moruya. Hands on phone and tablet groups, both Apple and Android, are held on the last Monday of each month at the Moruya Golf Club. Details of all group meeting times can be found on our website. Visitors are most welcome to attend any meeting to see if the group is right for them.

Each meeting starts promptly at 10:00am but everybody is asked to arrive by 9.45 at the latest so that Covid-19 registration and administrative tasks can be carried out beforehand.

Following an extended morning tea there will be small group sessions including a Beginners Group dealing with phones, tablets and PCs, and a photo editing group, covering any and all aspects of photo editing on your phone or tablet. The popular Messaging Group will further investigate the messaging app Signal, which offers much greater security and privacy than other messaging apps. Help will also still be provided on WhatsApp which was introduced earlier. Our usual Help Desk, which offers one-on-one help on all devices, will also be operating

If you are still uncertain about using QR codes there will be somebody to help you master this. We even have a test QR code available for you to practise on. Don’t forget when using QR codes that you also need to check out. Our Acting President tells the story of his daughter who forgot to do so then had to prove that she wasn’t at a particular venue when a Covid positive person was there.

Our own Covid-19 Safety Plan currently prohibits shared use of EuroSCUG computer equipment.

Please bring your own pen and computer/phone/tablet, and ensure that these items are not handled or touched by anyone else.

At the conclusion of the AGM morning tea will be served, or you can pre-order coffee from the bar when you sign in.

For more information visit our website www.euroscug.org, or phone 0491 608 077

Above: Charmaine and Cathy with the Messaging Group

Social Distancing in Action

Acting President Mike, actively looking for a replacement