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New Public Health Order released

A remade Public Health Order easing a number of restrictions came into effect today, subject to strict social distancing rules. From today, the new rules keeping the State COVIDSafe mean:

  • The number of people allowed inside indoor venues will be determined by the ‘one person per 4 square metre’ rule, with no upper limit. This includes function centres. All activity must be seated only.

  • Cultural and sporting events at outdoor venues with a maximum capacity of 40,000 will be allowed up to 25 percent of their normal capacity. Events must be ticketed and seated and follow strict guidelines.

  • On compassionate grounds, restrictions on funerals will immediately be eased to allow the four-square-metre rule to apply.

  • All other restrictions including 20 guests inside the home and 20 for outside gatherings remain the same.

The four-square-metre rule must be applied at all times, along with completion of COVIDSafe plans. More information on what is permissible can also be found here.