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New parking arrangements at South Broulee Beach

Parking arrangements have changed at the entrance to South Broulee Beach.

No stopping signs have been installed on road edges around the small beachside car park at the base of the headland and along the southern side of its access road.

A spokesperson for Eurobodalla Council said Council had received numerous complaints about problematic traffic flow and concerns about pedestrian safety.

“When vehicles park on both sides of the access road there is only enough room for one vehicle to pass through. This causes frustration and potential conflict between motorists, where one vehicle has to reverse or take evasive action to enable traffic through,” he said.

“Meanwhile, this is happening at a time when many people are walking across the road, creating an increased safety risk to pedestrians, particularly children walking around reversing vehicles.”

Council’s Local Traffic Committee reviewed the issue at its meeting on Thursday 3 December, and determined to install No Stopping signage and line-marking to improve vehicle access, traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

In addition to the signs, yellow lines will be painted on the bitumen road edge to designate where motorists cannot park.

This will be enforced by Council Rangers and Police under NSW Road Rules, resulting in an on-the-spot penalty infringement notice ($272) for non-compliance with regulatory signage/line markings.

Vehicles will still be allowed to park on the northern side of the access road adjoining the bottom of the cliff and in marked car parks.

Above: Changes to parking at the entrance to South Broulee Beach will improve traffic flow and increase pedestrian safety. Motorists will no longer be able to park around the edges of the small beachside car park, or along the beach side of the car park access road.