New dozer to help protect south coast from bushfire

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s new dozer will assist the organisation in being better equipped to protect the region’s forests, neighbours and communities from bushfire.

The delivery of a Komatsu D51 EX 22 to the region will boost Forestry Corporation’s hazard reduction burning program and firefighting capability, said South Coast Protection Supervisor Julian Armstrong.

“Heavy machinery plays a critical role in preparing fire trails, constructing control lines and supporting onground firefighters,” Mr Armstrong said.

“Our old dozer was significantly smaller and reaching the end of its useful working life, so this new machine offers many advantages.

“Being a newer and bigger machine, it is more robust and reliable, and able to be used in more extreme conditions.

“It is also a significant work health and safety improvement, in particular offering safer and more comfortable working conditions for our staff.”

"Dozers are an important tool in the initial attack on bushfires; pushing dangerous trees and creating bare earth fire breaks.

"Outside of bushfire season, the new machine will be put to use maintaining fire trails and creating containment lines for hazard reduction burning.

Forestry Corporation is one of four firefighting authorities in NSW and is responsible for managing fire in more than 2.2 million hectares of native and plantation forests.

Above (L-R): Forestry Corporation's Julian Armstrong, Josh Hyde, Peter Bridle and Bram VanDerSchaar inspect the organisation's latest firefighting tool.

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