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Narooma Men's Shed News

The latest Narooma Mens Shed newsletter is out and it is full of great news of the accomplishments of the Shed and members. Wal Sheehan of the Building Sub Commitiee reported "After three years of planning and negotiating the shovel finally turned the first sod. Then diligently over the last five months the Narooma Men’s shed has been slowly building its new community shed premises at 41A Barker Parade. Yes we are close enough to hear the tennis players and they play power tennis!

The walkers and the neighbours wonder past and nod their approval and stop for a chat and alook. “When will it be open they ask? I want to join!”

Yes with the help of the local tradespeople and local businesses, the vacant block of land has changed every week and is now officially at the LOCK UP stage.

That simply means that the work emphasis has now shifted to the members of the shed to tackle the internal fitout of the shed. Yes even with COVID restrictions, small teams of men turn up daily to tackle one task after the other. It is simply amazing how having to do something in the company of others has helped many of the members get back together in these difficult times.

The project has been also a challenge to our skill base, but with an enthusiastic crew the work gets done and I must admit, to a high professional standard than would happen if I was doing it alone!

More importantly the work is done with a lot of fun and laughter, the more the challenge.

Since we started the project, we have had 4 new members join the Men’s shed and we can hardly keep them out of the place. They simply enjoy the atmosphere and doing things rather than another day at home.

The project planning has all the work done by the end of October, but don’t let that stop you from coming past and having a look for yourself. If you make yourself known, and it is safe to do so, you might even get the chance to poke your head in.

For more information on the Narooma Mens Shed: 41A Barker Parade, Narooma PO Box 35, Narooma, NSW, 2546 E: W: