Narooma Camera Club July 2020 Portrait subject

July came and went and we were still in the crazy Covid time zone.  Our club had its first face to face meeting on Tuesday 21st July with strict social distancing rules in compliance with Club Narooma in the Montague Room.   The Set Subject for our July Competition was “Portraits” and, as usual we also ran an Open competition across our three grades. For club members, this was also our first face-to-face meeting for several months after some of the Covid-19 restrictions were eased. We were very fortunate to have Robyn Georges as our Judge for the month, as she is a keen portrait photographer herself, so her feedback on our images was invaluable. Robyn is a previous winner of FCC’s prestigious Top Shot competition.  We were lucky enough to see a few of Robyns award winning images. Narooma Camera Club would like to sincerely thank Robyn for providing us with such informative and constructive feedback on our images, and with useful hints on how to improve our photography.  We all appreciate the time and effort Robyn put in to judging our July competition for us.  Set Subject  A Grade :         Gold  - Deb Flynn - The Bassoonist 

                          Silver - Krysia St Clair - Nepalese Dancer

                          Highly Commended   - Rosy Williams - Wild West Paul

B Grade :          Gold  - Russell Howick - Blue Eyes 

                          Silver - Russell Howick - Who, Me?                           Highly Commended   - Wendy Fisk - Snow Leopard - 2

C Grade:          Gold  - Janet Linee - Arlo 

                          Silver - Carolyn Bate - Little Lady

                          Highly Commended   - Carolyn Bate - Idress, the Marrakech Jewellery Seller Open  Subject  A Grade :         Gold  - Deb Flynn - Carrillion Reflections 

                          Silver - Deb Flynn - Crescent Curves

                          Highly Commended   - Rosy Williams - Montague Moon B Grade :          Gold  - Wendy Fisk - Nangudga                            Silver - Sue Lawson - Dried up Puddles

                          Highly Commended   - Russell Howick - Airborne C Grade:          Gold  - Judy Morgan - Sunset on Wagonga 

                          Silver - Janet Linee - The Clean Up **August Set Subject is – Australian Flora & Fauna **  Our club will meet in the Montague Room at Club Narooma on Tuesday 18th August if all is still going well and no shutdowns but we will as always put the results on line on our facebook page and our website. 

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png