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"Move To More" they said. The City is being encouraged to move to the regions

A $4.6 million campaign has been launched to entice more people to move out of major cities. To make the task of finding the perfect regional town to move to they have launched the Move To More website. You just key in a few details and up comes the recommended destination of your dreams. In launching the website and the initiative the Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, said city dwellers would be able to afford better houses in regional Australia saying "You could live like a king or queen in regional Australia with, you know, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, three-car garage, huge backyard — all those things at a fraction of the price that you could, living in a boxed apartment, in a terraced house or whatever, in Melbourne or Sydney," "if I was looking at a billboard and I was stuck in traffic in my daily commute of an hour and a half or perhaps even longer, stuck in capital city congestion, I tell you what, if I saw a billboard that said move to regional Australia where you’re seven minutes from anywhere and still get a good cup of coffee, I’d think about it. I’d go to movetomore.com.au and see what was available for me. Because the regions are there, they’re enticing, they’re fantastic. The communities are very friendly" So The Beagle went to the movetomore.com.au website and entered the following filters:

This filter gave two results:

We then pressed Read more to 'discover' Batemans Bay and all the reasons we should move there.

Above: the first screen about Batemans Bay says it has a house median price of $405,000. The latest median price is $525,000. Median Hose rent is $415 and vacancy is 0.5% Below: to further seduce the city folk into thinking of a regional sea change they offer the following within a 50km radius of Batemans Bay:

Note that Batemans Bay to Moruya is only 26.5km. Any local looking at the above would verify there were two hospitals. But the rest of it is rubbish with the exception of the 20 gyms which is probably the very reason Council are building a brand new 1000m2 gym at Mackay Park to fill the 'desperate need' to provide more gyms for sea-changers.

New figures released in January show the South Coast has the lowest rental vacancy rate in NSW, demonstrating what Member for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips MP says is an escalation of the local housing crisis.

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales’ (REINSW) Residential Vacancy Rate Report shows that in 2020, the South Coast’s rental vacancy rate slipped from a peak of 4.8 per cent in March to only 0.3% in December 2020.

“I have been raising concerns about housing availability on the South Coast for months, and these new figures demonstrate the urgency of the situation,” Mrs Phillips said.

The Gilmore MP said governments at all levels have known about the housing crisis on the NSW South Coast but have not taken urgent enough action to prevent this situation reaching breaking point.

"COVID-19 has shown us new ways of living and working, so many people have taken that opportunity to make a sea change.

Mrs Phillips said it is wonderful that people are choosing the South Coast as their new home – but what we are seeing unfold is an absolute crisis not just in rental availability, but also in housing affordability more generally.

“Social housing waitlists are out of control and people are telling me they are waiting years for priority housing. Governments at all levels need to get serious about addressing this crisis now,” Fiona Phillips said.

“The housing crisis on the South Coast is not new. The NSW and Federal Governments have known for years that we needed urgent investment in affordable housing, but they have squandered opportunity after opportunity to fix it,” she said.

Mrs Phillips has previously raised concerns that the government’s HomeBuilder program was not targeted appropriately to those who needed housing assistance. Prior to the budget, she also called on the government to invest in local affordable housing projects like the one in Bomaderry as part of its COVID-19 stimulus response.

However, the Morrison Government has refused these suggestions at every turn, instead handing out cash so people in the city can renovate their mansions.

“After raising my concerns about this very issue with the NSW Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services, the reply I received earlier this month was nothing short of disappointing – no real solutions, no real plan,” Fiona Phillips said.

“Local people can no longer afford to wait – they need action from the government now,” she said.