Moruya Pony Club vandalism

Open letter to the Moruya Community from Moruya Pony Club This is not a letter I have been looking forward to writing and was hoping I wouldn't have to. The Moruya Pony Club grounds on Noads Drive, Moruya have been leased by Moruya Pony Club for the past 30 plus years from the Crown lands department and managed by The Local Lands Council. It is the responsibility of the Moruya Pony Club committee and members to maintain the grounds to a safe and environmentally friendly standard. This includes weed control, mowing, fencing and all other maintenance that is expected and required. It is also the Moruya Pony Club's responsibility to ensure everyone who uses the grounds do so in a safe manner. As anyone with any property can well appreciate this is a major task and takes many work hours by dedicated families in this community, to keep the grounds in safe working and riding condition. The Moruya pony club committee have always been open to letting the local people of Moruya and surrounds come and use the grounds free of change so that everyone can enjoy the area at anytime. As a club we have fundraised over the years to continue to improve the facilities at the grounds. We have a club house that has been revamped recently, a new toilet block with showers and a disabled accessible toilet and shower, so we are more inclusive for all of our community members and we now have power on at the grounds. We have recently acquired funding through a local area grant to build a new cross country course ,which our area was really lacking after the closure of Mirrabooka grounds. None of this would be possible without our great families and communities support, whether it be donating a prize for our raffle, buying a raffle ticket or a snag at our Bunnings BBQ. We really do appreciate all of the support and our riders do also. But now due to recent events the Moruya Pony Club Grounds on Noads Drive, Moruya will be locked to everyone. Why you ask? Because some selfish people have been vandalizing the grounds . They have come on to the grounds and removed trees and dragged up the ground on our bottom arena which has now cost our club to fix the surface so it is safe for riders and horses to ride on. They have let the gas out of our gas bottles so we did not have any left when we wanted to BBQ or have hot water. They have moved large tree stumps into the drive way so that we can not access the canteen area. This also has cost the club money to have someone come in and remove the stumps. We were told by the lands council that after the trees had been removed MPC needed to lock all gates to the property as it is our land, as we are the lessee's so it is our responsibility to make sure that these matters are dealt with. Money was spent on locks which were then cut off and the grounds accessed and more damage done. We then brought new locks which again were cut off. The third time we put locks on and signage , this time the lock was damaged , I would say because they couldn't remove it and the signage was removed. This is eating into the clubs finances which are all fundraised by members of the community and club. To date with the cost of fixing the bottom arena , having machinery hired to remove stumps, chains and locks that have been destroyed and or removed, signs that have been taken and to refill the gas bottle it is well over $1000.00. We are now needing to spend money on a new security system which is likely to cost thousands of dollars. This money was to be used to purchase new show jump equipment and safety riding vest so riders can use the cross country course. Pony Club NSW rules state all riders on a pony club cross country course need to have a qualified NCAS or EA instructor with them at all times and a level 3 safety vest on, these cost in excess of $300 each so the club was hoping to buy some that could be shared by members. It has also been brought to our attention people have been riding on the grounds not wearing helmets which is another pony club rule and for good reason. The police have been contacted and anyone with anymore information are asked to contact our president Di Kirkwood or the Moruya police station. If you are traveling with stock and need to use the grounds you will need to contact MPC directly to have them opened. We will now have a register for anyone using the grounds so we can keep track of anything that goes missing etc. .To try and recoup some of our recent expenses from this inconsiderate person or people we make look at hiring the grounds for a small fee to members. Michelle Nickson Moruya Pony Club