More registrations in for wannabe Mayors and Councillors

The registrations are coming in for the upcoming Council elections As at 11:30 there are five wannabe's for Mayor and twenty five for councillor. There are three current councilors who want to be elected As predicted there will be the Red T-shirt wearers on election day flying the Labor banner, there will be the ever popular Green Team and there will be what appears as a representation of the Liberals with their Liberal blue How to Vote hand outs. Only one candidate has declared themselves openly as a Liberal even though she is running on an "Independent" ticket. More on that conundrum to come though it is of interest that one of the Blue Team candidates has openly said: "I have some policies that I’ll announce in the coming days but rest assured I’m in this to take the Eurobodalla Shire Council forward. My firm view is that everyone in the shire has a right to be heard and I’m very open to live streaming council meetings, it’s the way of the future. I’m standing as an independent, therefore I haven’t got a toe in any political party. I’m going to be transparent so I’ll be releasing some policies in a few days." Oddly that candidate (not named as yet as registrations are still up in the air) is on someone else's ticket and it was that Mayoral candidate who voted with the Innes cohort to remove the live streaming of Public Forum, its recording and its archiving. Added to the mix of wannabe councillors will be names many of us may have heard of. Popular in their own town or in their own circles who are stepping up as cannon fodder to garner votes in order to pass preferences up the line. You can keep up to date with the lates registrations HERE: It is hoped that Rick Astley will meet the Noon Wednesday 3rd deadline of registrations.

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png