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Mogo Zoo joins Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney’s most interactive wildlife experience and a critical player in Australian wildlife conservation, has acquired Mogo Zoo. Mogo Zoo, set to celebrate its 30th anniversary on Boxing Day this year, boasts Australia’s most extensive private collection of exotic animals including giraffes, rhinos, zebra, tigers, two prides of lions and the largest group of primates in Australia. The zoo will join Featherdale Wildlife Park, home to the world’s most extensive collection of native Australian animals. Founders Bill and Sally Padey, passionate animal advocates, built Mogo Zoo from the ground up and made it their lives’ work to nurture and protect the animals that reside on its acres of landscaped gardens. Twelve years ago, Sally took on sole responsibility of Mogo Zoo but without a successor in place has needed to look elsewhere to continue its legacy. Sally says that a seed was planted during a visit from Chad Staples, director of life sciences for Featherdale Wildlife Park. “These animals are my family, so a transfer of ownership had to be with an organisation that would also see them as family, and Featherdale Wildlife Park was a clear choice. Chad is as passionate about animal welfare as I am so I know these animals will continue to thrive under his leadership. He also shares my commitment to safeguarding the future of endangered species, so I have the utmost confidence in his ability to further develop our important breeding programs that are part of a global effort to manage these animal populations under threat”. Chad added: “It’s a real honour to steward the future of Mogo Zoo’s diverse collection of animals in addition to Featherdale. Sally will always be available to talk about the history of the zoo.” Chad has focused on familiarising himself with keeper rounds and learning everything about the collection made up of some of the most amazing animals on the planet. Tony Chiefari, general manager of Featherdale Wildlife Park, is excited for the opportunities that lie ahead: “The animal collection at Mogo Zoo perfectly complements our Featherdale collection. We welcome the opportunity to drive visitation and economic growth to the Eurobodalla Shire further as we have done in Blacktown by capitalising on Mogo Zoo’s proximity to growth areas along the NSW South Coast and the ACT.” “We will be expanding the strategies we implemented at Featherdale over recent years to Mogo Zoo, rolling out a program of dual annual passes, joint marketing and publicity campaigns for both local, regional and international markets. A MESSAGE FROM SALLY So this morning (5/11/2019) I shared this story to my personal page and some how it shared to the Mogo Zoo page .. How I did this I don't know !!! I wanted to put this photo up with a personal message from me to everyone .. BUT .. now its here all ready

As you can all imagine this decision was extremely difficult to come to .. 31 years .. my greatest passion .. eternal love .. which I will carry forward with me for the rest of my life .. A dream that really did come true !! To everyone that has followed Mogo zoo ..liked .. loved and supported my journey .. so many people that have had an amazing faith in me .. Thank you seems to little .. But THANK YOU :) :) xxxxx .. I still do not know now I will drive out that gate one last time .. My one saving grace is that I feel so strongly my legacy thoughts love and passion will live on with Featherdale :) :) XXX


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